wi - welcome interruption

a new age real time mobile marketing platform for marketers and their developers to engage their audience like never before.


Add real-time location tracking to engage your audience like never before

Traditional Geo-Location solutions leave you in the dark, guessing and hoping that you will be able to reach your target audience when it matters most - which is, of course, RIGHT NOW.

Now there’s no more guessing, just real-time Information that allows you to engage and enhance your customers’ experience with a welcome interruption.

We provide the technology platform

That enables you to integrate and drive engaging and valuable experiences.

What’s wi?

wi (welcome interruption) is a new age real time mobile marketing platform.

As revolutionary as google real-time maps was for navigation.  Does the Tom-Tom even exist now?

Why wi?

wi is real time.  That means you get to see your customers in real time and engage your ideal customers by providing a welcome interruption (not spam) at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place.

You can also monetize that real-time digital reach because wi provides a business to consumer exchange capability.  Making it easy for your advertisers or sponsors to leverage your digital reach.

How does wi work?

wi was designed with the developer in mind to integrate the capability within their existing app and leverage the eco-system of information that you have about your customers in CRM’s, POS and financial systems.

The wi technology can be easily embedded inside your app enabling you to reach your customers in real-time.  You can then use the wi dashboard to automate real-time marketing tasks or even build your own and integrate it to other systems enabling you to personalize your welcome interruption at an individual level.